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Catastrophe Guide 2.1

**** Update: Catastrophe Guide is discontinued, please get: Lifesaver ****
Available on the App Store

What’s new:

  • Wildfire and Tornado topics are introduced
  • hurricane alerts stacking fix
  • crashing on launch on iOS5 fix
  • settings for alert badges are now adjustable by topic
  • data is refreshed when “Near Me” distance is changed
  • icon redesign

We received a lot of  feedback for the last update which helped us a lot in determining in which direction should we go with this app. Although, I’m a bit sad to announce tornado reports aren’t location aware in this version, but I’ll keep trying to get ones as soon as they become available.

In the meanwhile, we noticed app has been cracked (it’s right there on Installous)! Although there are systems to determine if the app is cracked, we think we should just leave it. It’s going on sale for Thanksgiving so people will have a chance to get it for free legally.

Here’s what’s in plan for the next scheduled updates:

  • add survival kit
  • add simple utilities like flashlight, morse code, etc
  • add push notifications
  • add more topics

Catastrophe Guide major update 2.0

**** Update: Catastrophe Guide is discontinued, please get: Lifesaver ****
Available on the App Store

So after a while, I’ve been really struggling to make a noteworthy update for this Catastrophe Guide app which seemed to be left aside for the last few months. Two basic things came to mind when designing this one, I had to put myself in a position on what I should do in an event of disaster and what kind of information would I want in my hand at the time. There are loads and loads of info all over the internet about what to do and how to act in these situations and how to survive. The main problem was getting it all to be simple enough to go trough in a matter of minutes but also if you want to just read it from time to time to get prepared. And the second thing was pretty obvious, I would want to know exactly when and where disasters happen around me and worldwide.

So, what’s new? Two things:

  1. more exhaustive info on disasters in a simple UI
  2. reports: worldwide and local + shown on map

We currently got covered 7 types of disasters, including these:

  • Earthquake (local reports)
  • Flood (local reports)
  • Hurricane (local reports)
  • Nuclear Disaster (worldwide reports)
  • Terrorism (worldwide reports)
  • General
  • Explosions
  • Biological Threats
  • Chemical Threats
  • Nuclear Blast
  • Radiological Dispersion Device
  • Tsunami (local reports)
  • Volcano (local reports)

It took good time and effort to collect all this data, but it was worth it. Sales went up incredibly, and we got plenty of good words from customers. This app is going to grow and it’s really great we got that much feedback and support this early. That came as a nice surprise, because I was initially thinking it could take up to several years to get this app on tracks. So what’s left to do is pull up sleeves and get down to work to get more awesome features I’ll talk about in the next posts.